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Posted at February 14th, 2019

Electric Sense InterviewsClick Image To Visit SiteDiscover How Common Everyday Electrical Devices Like Cell Phones, Computers, and Wifi Gave Me Debilitating Headaches, Dizziness, and Pain Throughout My Joints and Muscles…And How I Escaped This Prison to Live a Naturally Healthy Life in Our Crazy Electromagnetic World.

I raced to retrieve my cell phone from my jacket pocket, pressed the talk button and pushed it next to my ear. And … bam… I was feeling light-headed and dizzy. This unpleasant sensation quickly turned into an almost unbearable pain.

Headaches are just one of the most common symptoms. Here are just a few of the other health issues you could be experiencing as a direct result of these exposures:

Prickly skin – your skin feels tingly and itchy, or you might feel a burning sensation when you’re around WiFi devices and computers

Difficulty sleeping – this interferes with your daily energy level, mood, and ability to accomplish tasks

Heart and respiratory problems – heart palpitations and tightness in the chest are common symptoms, you might feel like your heart is pounding or racing

Dizziness – you regularly feel dizzy and disoriented, especially when talking on a cell phone or around WiFi

Ringing in the ears – you can hear a ringing or buzzing in your ears. More and more people report this symptom when they use a cell phone

There are now numerous independent studies [1-18] which link every-day electromagnetic field devices such as cell phones, cordless phones, smart meters, WiFi and cell phone towers to a long list of serious diseases, including:

I pulled my phone out of my jacket pocket and answered the call and………BAM………that was how it all started. Just like that, with no warning.

The unpleasant sensation soon turned into a sharp pain. And there was no mistake my cell phone was the culprit… Read more…

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