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Hypnotic Language Practitioner

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Hypnotic Language PractitionerClick Image To Visit Site"Anyone interested in learning about the psychology of influence, persuasion and all things related should listen to what Paul Mascetta has to say. His deep understanding of human communication can help take your sales, relationships and life to the next level."

The Influence Academy is proud to partner with Hypnotic Language Master Educator Paul Mascetta to deliver this certification program designed for…

As a Certified Hypnotic Language Practitioner, you’ll be able to bring hypnotic language skills into your practice, your business, and even your everyday life.

You’re about to learn the knowledge, skills, and Hypnotic Language techniques required to become a skilled practitioner capable of helping others reach enlightening new perspectives YOU create by bypassing their conscious filter.

This course is designed to give professional providers, therapeutic practitioners, and specialists the skills they need to help others overcome the obstacles of life. Even if you are not already a practicing provider, you can register for certification and bring the power of Hypnotic Language into your life as a certified practitioner.

Pace: Shortest Completion time is One Week. 3 Weeks of Study Recommended Before Certification Testing.

Provided Instructional Texts: 5 Complete guidebooks, detailing essential Hypnotic Language techniques and highlighting, in practice, case study examples you can copy and apply to gain compliance from subjects.

Complete Guided Instruction: Follow along step-by-step as you learn to apply Hypnotic Language Patterns in presentations, every day conversation, sales situations, and even therapeutic settings. Guided instruction in each text will present new situations and circumstances where you can use Hypnotic Language to reduce resistance and create conversational outcomes you decide.

Using Hypnotic Language with subjects, you can effectively alter mind states by bypassing conscious thought filters and influencing subconscious thought. In both therapeutic settings and in conversational, every day practice, subjects who experience hypnotic… Read more…

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